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Rubaa's Salon

Waxing / Hair Removal

Look and feel your best by having undesirable body hair removed professionally. Rubaa's Salon offers absolute privacy for your waxing and aims to make the spa experience truly relaxing for you.

What to expect

Waxing is a great long-term solution to the trouble of unwanted hair. It is essential to understand that wax not only removes unwanted hair but also nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth, silky and soft. We apply only the best wax that enhances the quality of the method to the fullest. Our experts individually select the type of wax, depending on your hair texture and skin type and it is even efficient at eliminating very short hair.

Our beauty professionals ensure that the waxing environment is properly sanitized. We carefully disinfect equipment, clean and change towels between sessions. We provide skin soothing powders and wax to leave your skin feeling refreshed and soft. Our body wax Calgary services include full arm, half arm, under-arm, bikini, full legs, half-legs, eye-brow, full face & full body waxing and Brazilian wax Calgary (for women only).

Eyebrow design though, is an attractive waxing alternative, where our Calgary beauty specialists will carefully shape your eyebrow, by tweezing, based on the shape of your eyes and face. All our qualified beauty professionals have undergone beauty training to deliver a reliable quality in waxing services.

What our waxing professionals do

We apply a powder based pre-waxing product to the spot to be waxed and get clients ready for waxing. This facilitates the elimination of hair and helps in protecting sensitive areas. A semi solid wax, whether hot or cold, depending on the body part to be waxed, is then cautiously applied to the skin, in the direction the hair grows. For an efficient elimination of hair, the hair is then removed by quick movement. Finally, the beautician applies a soothing gel that softens irritated pores after waxing.

It is a simple solution for an individual to have attractive skin without unsightly hair, to look beautiful and feel confident. The time span between hair removal treatments differ, depending on how rapidly your hair comes back and how coarse it is. Clients generally go three to four weeks between waxing sessions.

Drop in at Rubaa's Salon If you looking for the best waxing salon in Calgary.


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