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Rubaa's Salon

Makeup & Tinting

At Rubaa's Salon, our makeup artists are solely focused on a single thing which is making you appear and feel beautiful. We offer a range of services including full makeup applications, eyebrow tinting, and eyelash extensions.

Our professional makeup artists will leave you feeling invigorated. We use quality makeup colours that reflect the richness of nature’s colour palette. Formulas are created with conditioning plant oils that take care of your skin.

Based on your requirement, we add colour and depth to both brows and lashes with vegetable-based gentle dyes.

Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting

Eyebrow and lash tinting creates more defined shapes and enhances the look of your lashes and brows. It benefits contact-lens wearers, people who are sensitive to make-up, those who are active in sports or who have no time to use mascara every day. It’s a great option if you are simply looking to enhance your looks.

There are different lash and brow tint colours are available (including browns, blacks and blues) and our makeup artists in Calgary can perfectly complement your skin and hair colouring.

Benefits of Eyelash Tinting

How Long Does It Take?

t is a 25-30 minute process in which lashes are dyed from root to tip, giving them a fuller, darker and more dramatic look.

How Does The Process Work?

It eliminates the need for mascara by darkening each eyelash. Lash tinting is a wonderful alternative to daily mascara application and for people with blond or sparse lashes or those who’s dark lashes have been blanched by the sun.

It is also a suitable lash-darkening solution for contact lens wearers as well as people with eye-makeup sensitivity. Also, it’s a great solution for teary-eyed occasions and athletes.

In addition, it’s a time-saver for people on the go! You can wake up with makeup. Tinting darkens barely visible, smaller lashes, thus filling out the lash line. Lash tinting gives fuller, longer-looking lashes that make your beautiful eyes pop and stand out.

Lash tinting is like getting your hair dyed. A gentle dye is applied to the lashes carefully with a small disposable brush akin to the shape of a mascara wand. The lashes are darkened within 10-15 minutes and the dye is taken away with water and soft cotton.

Eyelash tints can last from 2 6 weeks. As, lashes naturally fall out in line with the growth cycle of lashes, the duration of your tint partly depends on which part of the growth cycle your lashes are in at the time of tinting.

To maintain the fullest, darkest look, you are recommended to repeat lash tinting every 4 weeks. Contact us to speak to one of our makeup artists Calgary!


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