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Hair Styling & Coloring

We specialize in all forms of personalized hair styling, coloring and perming all hair types. At Rubaa's Salon, all our stylists are fully-trained extensions specialists! If you think it’s time to renew, refresh and soothe your appearance and feel good inside and out, Let our professional hair stylists allow you to select the look that's right for you.

Deepening or lightening the tone of your hair color could be the fastest means of a stunning transformation. It can add some spice to your present hairstyle and dramatically change the way you look. Hair coloring is also the best way to conceal grey hair. Our team of hair experts specializes in fine tuning your hair and turning them into rich-toned, shiny locks.

Our hair coloring services include:


This type of hair color is also termed as “washes” and “stains” for the reason that it will eventually fade as you rinse your hair, thus leaving no hair re-growth issues. The best thing about semi-permanent hair color is that it can be placed over an existing hair color. It can improve the shades by gives your hair low-lights or natural-looking highlights. Semi-permanent hair color treatment can also be applied to “retouch” a permanent coloring. It adds luster to the hair, keeping it away from appearing dry.


This type of hair coloring lasts longer than semi-permanent color. It can also be applied to match an existing color, retouch a discolored tone or add a new shade to your hair.


As the name suggests, this treatment can’t be washed out. Our permanent color recipe may change the natural tone of your hair, as the end result is obtained from the fusion of pigment from the chemical as well as the original hair color.

Although, a hair stylist has artistic vision, we never impose it on our client but rather work to accommodate your needs and desires to offer the best style and color. Whether you are looking for hair extensions, a new hair color by highly trained hair stylists in Calgary, Rubaa's Salon in Calgary will surpass your expectations.

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