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Hair Straightening & Rebonding

Hair straightening treatments at Rubaa's Salon can be an excellent and long term way to get rid of curly and frizzy locks of yours. In recent times, the popularity of permanent hair straightening Calgary treatment has been on the rise.

There is a range of options available at our beauty salon. However, you need to be aware of the fact that different techniques come with benefits as well as drawbacks. You can perform a thorough research yourself or simply rely on our experienced hair straightening experts to help you determine the appropriate method that will give you the best results.

How is it done?

In general, most of the processes involve treating your hair with advanced chemicals and using strong heat to set or seal the chemicals in. The whole procedure usually involves a few steps. Firstly, chemicals are applied to your hair and then they are washed out. After washing, the hair stylist makes small hair segments and ensures that each segment is treated and straightened properly.

How long it takes?

The whole process may last for 4-5 hours but, once the procedure has been completed, you will get silky, shiny and straight hair.

The effectiveness of the permanent hair straightening and hair rebonding Calgary is based on which process you select, how you care for your hair and how fast your hair grows.

There are some treatments which last for almost a year, whereas some last for a few months. Certainly, a few treatments are not as safe as others, and this is why it is important for you to consult a quality beauty salon in Calgary.

Our professionals are skilled in advanced hair straightening and rebonding techniques. Client satisfaction is our utmost priority. At Rubaa's Salon, we guarantee the best possible treatment for your hair as well as your safety.

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