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Things You Should Know Before Embarking On a Full Body Waxing

Posted On November 23, 2015, 11:04 am by webmaster

No matter how much we curse our hairy ancestors, the bitter truth is that cursing won’t make things better. You have to pick up one of the several body hair removal procedures to get rid of those ugly, unwanted hairs. And when you are searching for an effective, less pricy and super smooth solution; nothing can beat body waxing, provided, it is done by a professional beauty salon. This write-up presents an all-encompassing guide to a happy body waxing session with the desired outcomes.

Tips to make the process less painful:

If you are exhausted of dreading the day when you are scheduled for a wax, why not put a full-stop to the mental torture? There are several proven methods and techniques than can literally reduce the pain of body hair removal. Be consistent, don’t be self-conscious, be determined, etc. are some kind of unpractical tips that are very hard to follow. Instead, why not try numbing the area with a numb cream. You can also stop drinking caffeine or other stimulants like alcohol which makes the area more sensitive. Besides, getting it done form an expert assures that you are in the right hands and right techniques will lessen your pain. Also, schedule the appointment in the morning because the pain tolerance level is higher in the morning than in the afternoon. Lastly, you can always resort on painkillers and other pills.

After care tips:

Proper aftercare is the gateway to a beautiful, soft skin for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is advised to treat the waxed area with Neosporin or other antibiotic cream with similar compositions. Also, exfoliate your skin after three days from the date of waxing with natural scrubbing elements like sea salt. This will prevent the dead skin cells to clog the hair follicles that often results in ingrown hairs. In addition, keep your skin soft and moisturized with a good quality moisturizer. If you have ingrown hairs, apply aloe vera gel. If you are experiencing burning sensation after the waxing, a cool shower or cold compress can help.

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The don’ts of Brazilian Waxing

This subhead is especially for those ladies who tend to forget what they should not do when they are planning for a body waxing.

  • It is suggested not to opt for waxing when you are on your periods.
  • If you have allergic reactions, skin irritations and highly sensitive skin, do not choose waxing
  • Go for the procedure when your hair is not too short or too long.
  • Do not make the area greasy or oily right before the procedure.
  • It will hurt you more if the waxing strip is pulled slowly. However, professionals know the right way to perform the task. There are very few salons that offer professional body wax in Calgary in a very friendly and comfy ambiance.
  • Avoid overdoing the wax in the same area for more than twice.
  • Avoid going out under the sun just after waxing.

Be holiday-ready with a smooth skin:

If you are all set for a holiday, any special occasion or honeymoon, you wish to go hair-free in order to flaunt your smooth and soft skin. Plan your body wax in Calgary before. The worst scenario you can end up with is to have your wax in the morning and expect to go for an outing in the Edworthy Park or Sandy Beach.

The results usually keep on improving with your number of waxing sessions. So, plan beforehand, choose a professional salon service provider and be ready to go hairless.

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