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Rebonding And Straightening – The Gateway To Silky Straight Hair

Posted On April 17, 2015, 8:07 am by webmaster

Several hair styles and trends have popped up over the years, but the silky-straight-look still remains the hot favorite of women across the globe. Without any doubt, poker straight or semi straight hairs are drool worthy, manageable and easy to style. And here is a piece and good news for straight-hair lovers! Now, several techniques have been introduced in the market that can convert your dry, frizzy and curly hair into free flowing straight hair and amazing bangs. Hair-rebonding, Smoothing and Straightening are some of the very popular and widely accept choice for those who want a lot of fuss to look great.

Hair Straightening

Survey says that customers give thumbs-up to those hair straightening or rebonding services that are performed by expert hands. This means, if you are thinking to achieve a glossy, straight and smooth hair, look no further than a professional hair salon.

Choose your hair salon carefully

You may come across lovely ladies who will make you envy their beautiful, fizz-free, straight hair. If you ask them, they will certainly give the credit to a professional stylist. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for the same. Please don’t get allured by unbelievably cheap rates and discounts on such services. If you love your hair want to fall in love with it even more, then always approach a professional hair care center. Look for a reliable name where expert hair care professionals offer straightening and hair rebonding in Calgary.

Straightening or Rebonding – What You Prefer?

If you have unruly, unmanageable curls, rebonding or rebonding may be your cup of tea. It is one of the special techniques that transforms supper curly hair to super smooth and straight. The process breaks the chemical bonds in hair follicles by applying strong chemicals. These chemicals are applied in small sections of hair to make sure that not a single hair is left out. The structure is altered to make hair straight permanently, until the new hair grows. The process takes nearly 5 to 6 hours in a beauty salon and lasts for nearly 6 to 12 months (depends on how fast your hair grows)

Hair straightening, on the other hand, is slightly different than chemical rebonding. Although, the ultimate goal is to straighten those waves and curls, using flat irons, creams, gels and chemical relaxing agents and neutralizer. It can be classified in several categories like thermal hair straightening, keratin smoothing treatment, chemical straightening. These are permanent procedures and can last up to 6 months. For temporary straightening there is flat ironing technique which also uses hair serums and creams.

After Care Tips

No matter what straightening method you choose, you have to care for it with utmost dedication. Remember the instructions given by the professional hairstylist. Besides, avoid getting it dry and rough.

Basic rules

  • You cannot shampoo your hair for 3 days from the day of straightening.
  • You cannot tie, fold or use clips for 48 hours.

General hair care tips

  • For shiny and healthy hair, you have to wash your hair thoroughly after shampooing. Do not let the residue stuck to the roots of newly straightened hair
  • Apply conditioner and serum after you shampoo your hair
  • Use wide tooth combs to detangle your hair.
  • Deep conditioning treatment like hair spa should be done at least twice in a month.

Many people debate about how these chemical straightening processes can affect your hair. But with proper care and use of suitable hair products, you could surely enjoy the whiz.

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