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Make Yours Eyes Speak with Magical Touch of Rubaa’s Salon

Posted On June 22, 2016, 9:48 am by webmaster

Your eyes speak of beauty. For that reason, you might have worn mascara on eyelash. You have found that the makeup did not stay long when you were engaged in laborious tasks. Why not go for eyelash tinting that visibly lengthens, thickens and darkens the outlook of eyelashes without clotting or smudging. The treatment is pocket-friendly, safe and quick. Look no further and step into Rubaa’s Salon in Calgary to attain a charming appeal for your wedding, birthday and other occasions.

How Do You Go About for This Makeup?

Before attending the eyelash tinting appointment, you should first undergo a consulting session with the beauty expert. During that session, you will be subjected to a patch test that determines the way your body reacts to the dye.

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The patch test for eyelash tinting involves the application of a small amount of eyelash tint to your inner arm. The patch test is carried out twenty-four hours before your actual appointment to allow time for any delayed reaction. The beauty expert will also discuss the look you want and the color dyes that will suit to your complexion.

About the Makeup Procedure

Once you have undergone the patch test, you need to wait for at least twenty-four hours before going for the actual treatment. The eyelash tinting treatment is performed within 15 to 20 minutes.

The makeup artist in Calgary will place specialized stickers around your eyelids to prevent your eyeballs from contamination. The next step involves careful application of dye on lower and upper lashes.

The dye is allowed to settle into the eyelashes for around five to ten minutes. After the dye has sunk into the lashes, the beauty expert washes away the dye gently. Your eyelashes look longer, darker and thicker than before.

Longevity of Eyelash Tinting

The effects of eyelash tinting last as long as growth cycle of an eyelash. When the dyed lash reaches the end of the growth cycle, it falls out and gradually makes the darker look fade over time. The longevity of the tint depends on the growth cycle of eyelashes. The tint generally lasts for four to six weeks.

Say No to Mascara

The prime benefit of eyelash tinting is that you are not required to wear mascara. Mascara smudges easily and looks dull if not applied properly.

Mascara leaves stains on pillows if you forget to wash it off before retiring to bed. It can clump up and shed from the eyelashes and leaves black spots on the skin.

Eyelash tinting is a semi-permanent form of mascara that stays perfect until your lashes shed naturally. Other benefits are

• Suiting active lifestyle
• Superb for pale complexions
• Cost effective

Suiting Active Lifestyle

Engaging in regular outdoor activities and participating in extreme sporting activities does not mean that you have to give up your beauty regime. If you do not want to wait for ages and spending money on eyelash combs and mascara, then an eyelash tint is the ideal option.

Gentle and Soft

Persons who are allergic to some cosmetics products can consider going for eyelash tinting. The dye used during the treatment is formulated from vegetable fats in order to prevent issues of irritation.

Superb for Pale Complexion

Red and blonde hair looks hot. In some cases, it has downsides. Often, persons with very pale complexions also have pale, delicate eyelashes. This can result in a low contrast outlook that hides away eyes and makes them appear smaller. Eyelash tinting creates important definition and adds structure and frame to the pale face.

These are some of the benefits of eyelash tinting. The process makes your appearance bold.

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