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Make Your Brows Look Flawless with Eyebrow Shaping Calgary

Posted On March 29, 2016, 11:59 am by webmaster

Apart from eyes, it’s certainly the eyebrows which seem to be the centre-of-attraction of any face. From bridal makeup to soft-dewy look; properly shaped brow is a must to complement your beauty. However, before even expecting your eyebrows to define your makeup, make sure to thread & shape them properly. How you shape your eyebrows should depend upon two factors; the natural shape of your brows and the face-type you own. Whenever, you thread them, these are two crucial aspects to take into consideration.

Tips-and-tricks for shaping & threading different types of eyebrows are discussed below. If you like to know more, then please keep on reading:

Unibrow: Unibrow refers to a single brow created when two eyebrows meet at the centre, just above the bridge of your nose. If it’s your type-of-brows, you can either flaunt them or thread them off. Whichever option you bank on, unibrow must be well-maintained to look attractive. Remember, for sporting a thicker unibrow you should consider taking help of professional experts always. Don’t forget, it is all about keeping them subtle; and not ‘too-much’ in your face.

Eyebrow Shaping

Thick eyebrows: Thick eyebrow is the best for accentuating your eyes well. However when shaped improperly, thick brows can turn a huge turn-off to any face. A major problem with thick eyebrow is that it tends to grow really fast. Hence, a monthly threading-session is not enough for keeping them in shape. People with thick eyebrows should always consider threading off the excess strays when keeping the natural curve of their brows intact. It’s indeed not easy to thin it out; so better contact the experts to get things better.

Thin eyebrows: Thin-and-subtle eyebrow is every girl’s dream! If you are blessed with thin brows then threading is the best option for shaping them. Just pluck out the excess strays, and you are absolutely good to go. You must refrain from threading them too much as they are not so full-and-lush. Plucking more hair than necessary can turn your brows look horribly uneven. Over-plucked, excess-thin brows are difficult to fill in with eyebrow pencils or mascara. So, it’s better not to go overboard on threading. And like always for the best guidance, rely on the beauty experts who know the tricks to make them look fuller.

Flat eyebrows: Do you have flat eyebrows? If yes, then don’t fret, because you still have chances to turn them attractive. The key is to keep the gap between your brows a bit wide while threading & shaping them. Eyebrows that are too close to each other would only make your flaw more prominent. So, thread them in between your eyebrows so that they look wide apart. The expert beauticians often give a slight curve towards the outer ends of flat brows to create a subtle arch effect. Professional help can’t afford a skip if you want to thread your flat brows sans making any mistake.

Arched Brows: It’s great to have naturally arched shape eyebrows! Whether it’s for getting them curved or making them look edgy; call the professionals for an impeccable result. It depends on the skilful professionals you hired to thread your brows. Threading eyebrows to achieve that face-framing arch is not easy. But, since arced brows are high-on-demand, you can minimize your efforts by relying on threading & eyebrow shaping Calgary.

Why eyebrow threading Calgary: The techniques they follow to thread & shape brows have a great remedy for ingrown hair. It leads hair to grow back slower and finer. Plus, it does not cause any irritation to your eye-area. Threading is considered the best alternative to tweezing. The eyebrow shaping techniques followed by beauticians Calgary helps in getting a prominent eye-brow shape which complements your facial features. As it’s absolutely harmless, even people with sensitive skin type can give it a try.

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