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How to Choose the Best Color to Flatter Your Hair

Posted On July 17, 2015, 8:07 am by webmaster

Everyone wants to wear a beautiful hair color that perfectly complements the skin tone. Here are some useful tips for you to choose your ideal shade. Hair coloring is a very popular fashion trend in recent times and it is no longer just an option to cover those irritating grey hair. People now use it as a statement of their beauty and personality. And it’s not just natural brown and black shades people are going for. You can experiment with other colors, including pink, blues and purples.

Hair Color

Choose the right hair color

When it comes to coloring your hair, picking the right hair color is of utmost importance. There are now more choices than ever before, especially if you go to an expert hair colorist in a qualified beauty salon in Calgary. You can walk into the salon with little or absolutely no idea of what you want to do with your hair and get assisted with professional guidance. Nonetheless, it is always good to have an initial idea of what hair color will best you.

If you are familiar with what color or color range is perfect for your hair, you can tell the colorist about your preference and he or she will advise you on whether your choice is recommended or not while suggesting you the best way to achieve a great hair color.

Decide on the result your want

There was a time when there weren’t plenty of choices in finding a hair color. The options were red, blonde, black or brunette. But at present, the choices are endless. Hence, you should first make your mind up for the result you desire from hair coloring. You may simply go for it to cover grey or bring a subtle as well as drastic change.

Ask yourself whether you want a natural or an extremely dramatic look, an all-over color or just highlights. Knowing what you truly want will help you a lot in narrowing down your choices and getting started on the hair color that is just right for your skin tone.

Also, consider your commitment to the shade you choose. Some hair colors require frequent touch-up appointments, in accordance with how fast your roots grow. Other color options may blend well with your natural color and need less frequent touch-ups.

Pick a compatible shade

Choosing a compatible color requires you to settle on whether you are a warm or a cool shaded individual. Cool shades generally suit people with dark brown, black-brown, black, grey blue or dark blue eyes. For cool shaded people, the natural hair color is most likely deep brown, ash brown, blue black, platinum blond or ash blond. Your skin is possibly very true olive, dark brown, pale, bronze or medium with gold undertones.

A warm person usually has eyes that are green, green-blue, golden brown, hazel or turquoise with brown or gold flecks and the natural hair color might be deep brown with red or golden highlights, red, natural golden blond, strawberry or gray-yellow blond. A warm shaded person’s skin tone may be brown with golden or pink undertones, ruddy, freckled or peachy.

Hopefully, following the above tips will help you be a step closer to the hair you have been yearning for. Simply visit a quality salon today to talk to an experienced colorist, if you can’t figure this out yourself or have questions on how you can make these decisions.

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