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Hair Rebonding and Straightening : How are they Different?

Posted On November 26, 2016, 12:58 pm by webmaster

Do you feel like getting rid of your unmanageable curls?
If your answer is yes, then you may have thought about a way to get the problem solved, right? With a variety of options available in the expensive hair salons these days, it becomes really difficult to choose one according to your needs and specifications. However, you should not select a process randomly without gaining proper information regarding it. So, what have you decided? Are you going to opt for an expensive hair rebonding process or the relatively inexpensive and temporary hair straightening methods?

Hair Rebonding and Straightening

Before you reach any conclusion, it is advisable to go through the details of each process to know which one of them will suit you the best.

First of all, let us shed some light on the scientific process of hair straightening:

Well, our hair is composed of Amino acids structured in the form of a ladder with disulfide bonds in between. If this ladder is straight, the hair appears straight as well. But, in the case of curly or wavy hair, this particular Amino Acid ladder is twisted. The curlier the hair, the more twisted the ladder is. If you want to straighten your hair, you have to break the chemical bonds first with the help of a straightening solution and then re-establish them with flat irons or similar products. The process takes about 2-3 days and any reputable Salon for hair rebonding in Calgary or elsewhere will instruct you not to wash your hair during this period.

Hair Straightening:
You can either opt for this process at home or in one of the reputable hair salons in Calgary. The process involves heat straighteners or flat irons to straighten your hair temporarily. Once you wash your hair, the effect will cease to exist. This type of straightening method lasts for as long as 6-7 hours. You can opt for this relatively simpler process if you love your curly hair but want to look different for a special occasion. If you are not quite confident about trying this at home, Don’t. Take an appointment with a well-acclaimed hair specialist to do the job for you. You will get a number of reputable hair salons with specialized professionals ready to cater to all your requirements.

Hair Rebonding:
If you want to get rid of your frizzy curls permanently, you can go for hair rebonding in a well-established Salon. Yes, you cannot do this at home, unless you are a hair expert yourself. The process involves breaking the natural bonds with the help of hair straighteners and re-establishing new bonds with the help of neutralizers. The effect stays for at least a year. So, if you want to keep those curls at bay for at least some time, the hair rebonding process will be best for you. It will give you smooth, lustrous hair for a minimum period of 12 months. However, you need to take extra care of your hair during this period.

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Now that you know what are the differences between hair straightening and hair rebonding, you can choose more effectively and sensibly. So, get ready to say goodbye to your frizzy curls!



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    I am highly impressed by Rubaa’s Salon! I went there to get my hair straightened. The best part is that they always use high-end products to treat their clients’ hair. Absolutely recommended to all.

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