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Get Appealing Eyes With Eyelash Extensions Tricks

Posted On September 22, 2016, 12:51 pm by webmaster

A simple face with expressive eyes needs no exaggeration to explain how amazing it looks. Regardless of the occasions, a pair of beautiful eyes seems to be more appealing with the perfect eye makeup. But always remember that overdoing your makeup will make you look older in reality and your photos will be simply weird.
Let’s take a look at our professional tips for your eye makeup.
Eyelesh extension tricks
Get perfect eyebrows:
A pair of beautiful eyes look more ravishing when you have got perfect eyebrows. Bold eyebrows are trendy and all you need is a little maintenance. At times, eyebrow threading becomes a very painful experience for the ladies when they are at unprofessional hands. Hire the professional service from eyebrow shaping Calgary for a pair of neat eyebrows at a very affordable rate. These professionals are not only trained and co-operative, but also polite in dealing with their clients. According to your facial shape, your eyebrows will be trimmed and you can use the facial space in a better way.

Put your eye makeup first:
What you need is to apply the eye makeup first to avoid the effect of stray eye shadow on your foundation. This will help your eyes look refreshed for long and you can easily wipe out the residue of your eye shadow from your cheeks. Generally, this trick is used by the professional makeup artists.

Concentrate upon your eyelashes:
Your eye leashes are very important for your eye makeup. If they are not extended properly, you may end up looking horrible. Eyelash extensions Calgary can be an ideal option for you to get bigger eye in one touch for any occasion. Before eyelash extension, apply a pencil to create some white dots from the inner corners of your eyes. This will instantly brighten up your look. You may also try the false eyelashes. Curl them up first, line your eyes and put a good amount of mascara on it. If the false eyelashes are too cluttered, they will leave your eye looking smaller. Never think of decorating your lower eyelashes except putting a thin line of your branded eyeliner.

Pop Up your eyes:
While you are doing an eye makeup, you have the freedom to pop up your eyes. Go experimental with the colors of your eye shadow and shimmer also. Try the lighter shades of eye shadows that complement your complexion. In case you have freckles, foundation can repair the imperfections on  your skin surface. Here comes a smart trick for you i.e. to add foundation to your ears also if they are prone to get red in any occasion. A touch of foundation will keep them look natural whatever situation you may come across.

Contouring helps a lot:
Women are often confused with the definition of contouring. Actually, contouring is nothing but highlighting your sharp features and covering up your imperfect skin surface. Be it your eyes, lips or cheek bones, learn the art of contouring perfectly with a blush brush and matte bronzer. This will offer you an angular appearance. If are not a die hard fan of contouring, use blush for smoother and more appealing dimension of your face.

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