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Eyebrow Threading and Shaping – Things You Should Know

Posted On September 28, 2015, 12:58 pm by webmaster

Eyebrows play a crucial role to beautify your face. Having well-groomed eyebrows according to your face shape can change the entire look of your face. It can be achieved by eyebrow threading. It is one of the most popular beauty salon services where the beauticians make use of a special thread and technique to pluck out the unwanted hairs around the eyebrows. Still, many people don’t know what is so great about threading and how it can improve the way they look. Go through this blog to get answer to all the frequently asked questions about eyebrow threading.

eyebrow threading in Calgary

Is it safe?

Unlike other cosmetic products for hair removals, threading does not make use of any chemicals. The only prop that is used is a soft cotton thread. The all-natural technique is safe for those who have sensitive skin.

What should you do at the time of shaping eyebrows?

You are required to hold your skin tight near the eyebrows with your hands. While the beautician does the plucking, you have to put one hand on your forehead and other hand on top of your eyelid.

Should you go to a trained professional?

Yes, it is always better to go to a trained professional who have years of experience in eyebrow threading in Calgary because when it comes to eyebrows, perfection matters.

Can you give your opinion before the process?

Yes, it is expected that you do not sit silently in your chair and communicate. Express the shape you want like low, medium, arch, high, thick, thin etc. You can also bring photos in your cell phones to avoid all the confusions.

How often should your thread?

It depends on the hair growth which is determined by hormonal factors. Usually the duration ranges from two to three weeks. However, it is best to trust your eyes in this regard. Whenever you see the hair regrowth, get them plucked.

What is the difference between threading and waxing?

Waxing is also a hair removal method usually performed on other parts of the body but not very commonly used to pluck hairs around your eyebrows. Threading is followed by eyebrow shaping in Calgary by using scissors and eyebrow brush.

What aftercare should be taken?

Soothe your skin and reduce the redness by using some cooling lotion. Gently apply aloe vera gel or lotion with your finger tips. You can also rub ice cube on the area.

Is it painful?

You may feel a little pinching sensation during the process. But it is quick and pulls out several hairs together. The more you get used to the process, the less discomfort you will feel.

Flatter your face with the best eyebrow shape according to your face shape. The right eyebrow and arches not just emphasise the beauty of your eyes, but also improves the overall symmetry of your face.

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