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Do’s and Don’ts for Eyebrows from Makeup Artists in Calgary

Posted On August 30, 2016, 1:38 pm by webmaster

There’s a traditional saying, “The eyes are the window of the soul.” And we say it right.

It’s necessary to take care of your eyebrows equally as you take care of your skin, hair, or eyes. A pair of eyebrows can do a magic with your look. It can enhance your look naturally even without putting up a little makeup. So if you are willing to flaunt your gorgeous eyebrows, follow these do’s and don’ts.
makeup artist in CalgaryThings You Should Do For A Nice pair of eyebrows:

1. Trust The Professionals:

It’s always suggested by the professional makeup artists in Calgary to keep your eyebrows perfectly pointed. The shape of your beautiful eyebrows not only frame your face, but also shape your facial features.

Nothing can be worse than choosing an unprofessional service and having a pair of over-plucked, and weary looking eyebrows after spending a lot on them. So, to get a pair of artistic eyebrows, rely upon the efficient service of eyebrow shaping in Calgary. To shape your eyebrows suitable with your face, here you will be provided with a template from their end first. If you like it, only then they will proceed for shaping it.

2. Encourage The growth of Eyebrows:

Whatever shape you may consider for eyebrows, it’s true that the healthier brows look better. You will hardly believe that just like the amount of hair on your head, you eyebrows also get advantage from vitamin intake in your diet chart. Vitamins like A, C, E, are essentially known for good hair growth. Moreover, you can avail assistance from the professional eyebrow threading in Calgary at a very reasonable cost and you will definitely never regret your decision.

3. Try Some Natural Oil:

For a natural care, choose natural oils like rose oil, Castor oil, lavender oil, and lemon oil to encourage your hair growth and their soothing fragrance will keep you refreshed for long. The goodness of these oils will soothe your eyes as well.

4. Know The Trick in mind If You want to avoid tweezing at times:

If tweezing your eyebrows is not suitable for you, we have a tricky suggestion for you! Each morning pick a soft toothbrush and brush your brows in upward direction slightly. Want to know the result of this trick? This will certainly help your eyes look bigger than the normal size and your eyebrows will be placed properly. To ease your work, spritz a small amount of hairspray on your eyebrows. It will keep your brows intact without any hazard for longer time.

5. Use a good Highlighter:

Put a small amount of highlighter under the area of your eyebrows and this will gradually accentuate your brow bone. This will make your eyes look bigger along with  a younger look.

Let’s take a look what you should avoid for maintaining your eyebrows in a better way.

1. Never tweeze it at home with the available tweezers in the market. In this way you’re not only ruining your facial skin or appearance, but also harming the nerves. Eye is a very delicate organ and if you treat your brows roughly, they may directly affect your eyes.

2. While using the eye make up products, don’t fall for the cheap products or discount deals. Often those products are nearing their expiry dates and prone to create skin allergies. Try to go with the high quality products to avoid dry skin or skin aging signs.

3. Always avoid waxing your eyebrows. This process damages the sensitive skin tissues or enter your eyes and cause injury. It’s better to pluck the extra hair of your eyebrows or opt for threading.

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