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Dazzle With Natural Glow and Minimal Makeup On Your Wedding Day

Posted On March 17, 2015, 7:24 am by webmaster

To a woman, her wedding day is the most awaited, dreamt and treasured event. She plans for her wedding day since she was a little girl. When the D-day actually arrives, a long ‘to-do’ list has to be taken care of and executed smoothly. One from the list is – picking up the perfect wedding makeup. As brides want to look their best and feel confident, they should rely on a professional makeup artist who will come with the wand and add dazzle to their feminine aura. But this requires several other steps like preparing your skin for the radiant glow, finding out the best bridal makeup service provider, booking appointments for trail-run applications and pre-experimentations. This blog intends to help you with wedding day makeup and avoid the mistakes that brides usually make.

Bridal Makeup

Recent Trend – Simple yet Elegant

‘Simple’, ‘elegant’ and ‘neat’ are some of the recent buzzwords that could be associated with bridal makeup. Hundreds of would-be brides, across the world, are looking for simple makeup in which they will look beautiful naturally. There lies the art! Unlike the conventional styles, too much caking on makeup, too many layers of foundation, loud lip colors and far too heavy eye liners are a big NO. Opt for something that will make you look gorgeous in your wedding album, but not something that will scare your guests and especially, your husband.

Do Not Copy – Be The Best Version Of You

Pull out not one, but several bridal magazines, browse through the images online and collect all the images that you like. Try to find out what particular style or part you like about the makeup. Jot down those points. Re-evaluate your opinion at different times and moods. After you have made a complete collection, try to figure out a unique theme. Do not simply copy one particular look, because you don’t know whether the exact copied style will suit you or not. Moreover, you are the best person to decide if you want to look like someone else or want to look your best on your wedding.

Count On The Right Makeup Artist

By choosing the right makeup artist you can be sure that the spotlight will be on you till the end of the day. You will look fresh, lively and be the blushing bride till the party gets over. For expert bridal makeup in Calgary, it is recommended that you pick up a professional beauty salon if you want your makeup to be the talk of the show. The artists not only know how to frame out the best look from your facial features, but also maintains a uniformity with your hair and dress. The salon will also provide you a complete pre-bridal care routine which includes, facial, threading, waxing, pedicure, manicure, spa, etc. These will enhance your natural beauty, so that you do not have to worry how you look at the last minute.

Keep your facial skin and lips well moisturized before applying makeup and for that extra ‘kick’, keep no room for experiment. It is best to go for trial sessions before your big day.

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