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Check Out These Popular Hollywood Styling & Makeup Tricks

Posted On September 10, 2016, 10:18 am by webmaster

Whether it’s a romantic candle-night dinner, or a simple get-together or a wedding, you always crave for the perfect look. Here, we have digged out makeup tricks that most of the Hollywood celebrities tend to swear by-
Hollywood Styling & Makeup TricksLet down those lustrous tresses:
Once, someone had aptly said, “the hair is the richest ornament of every woman”. There’s no denying it – a majority of women spend chunks of their money to beautify their tresses. And, even the Hollywood celebrities never hang back from experimenting on their hair. A few divas choose to exude ‘sweet-sixteen’ charm by braiding their glossy tresses. While, on the other hand, some celebs seem to be keener on flaunting their lustrous tresses, left open. The Hollywood controversy queen Kim Kardashian is known for her voluminous locks. Buzz is there, Kim has taken help of artificial hair extension to add volume to her natural hair.

Bold and striking highlights:
If the Hollywood fashioinistas have taught us something ‘drool-worthy’ over the past years, it’s definitely that bold highlights that require special mention. For slight wavy types, the most sought-after trend is Ribbon highlights, which spiral down the tresses with streak of colour. Actresses like Jessica Alba, Olivia Wilde, Allision Williams have nailed this trend with a greater eale. Regardless to say, the highlighted tresses help in instantly sprucing up any makeup look.

Get smitten by their red mouth:
A huge number of Hollywood divas have shown their interests in spotting bright red lips. Bright shades like ruby or scarlet reds, bright corals and oranges have failed to compliment their flawless, porcelain skin tones. Bright and striking lip shades help create an illusion of wider and fuller lips. Whether it’s reds, corals or something a bit bolder, prominent lips are having something of a moment with the A-list. If you want to nail the trend aptly,  then take a cue from the hot divas like Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock and Rihana.

Mix bronzer and moisturizer for additional zing:
A shimmery bronzer is a perfect way to glam up any makeup look. Gone are those days, when cakey makeups were extremely popular amongst girls. Today’s generation is more interested in the no-makeup makeup look. If you don’t want to wear too much makeup, then wear makeup, mixing some with moisturizer. This will certainly glam up your entire look, without making you look ghastly and made-up. Want some cue? Follow Eva Mendes, Mila Kunis to grab some tips.

Dewy fresh look:
Dewy fresh makeup look is here to stay. This light-weight makeup does not make your look too cakey or made-up. Light-weight foundation, a hint of blush and nude lip gloss are just enough to bring that dewy fresh effect on your face. Slight smokey eyes go well with dewy fresh makeup. To create perfect smokey eyes, make sure to moisturize the eye area first, so that when you line the eyelid with a pencil it will smudge smoothly. Make sure to shape your eyebrows with eyebrow shaping Calgary, prior to opting for this look.

Also, you can apply some loose powder on top of the foundation right under your eyes, so even if a little shadow spills, you can wipe it off easily. Add some petroleum jelly on your eyelids, since it gives you a fresh, dewy look. Celebs like Freida Pinto, Katherine McPhee, Ellen Pompeo or Eva Mendes have shown great interests in dewy fresh makeup.

Nude lips:
The craze about nude lips is reaching the sky rapidly. To get that natural pink tint on your lips, apply a red lipstick first, wipe it off with cotton pads and then put some clear gloss. Nude lips go well with short hair. Chopping off the lustrous, long tresses and heading to a shorter hairdo requires a lot of confidence. However, if you are searching for an inspiration to try out short hair, then gather some from Kylie Jenner and Halley Berry, who opted for the short-cut and absolutely rocked it with grace.

To fetch the best result, consult the professional makeup artists Calgary. Basing on your face type, skin tone and facial features, these experts will zero in on a perfect look that suits your overall personality. They charge nominally. So, there’s no chance of breaking your wallet.

Go ahead with these above-mentioned styling and makeup tricks to cut a dash.

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