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Brazilian Waxing – Why You Need This?

Posted On May 23, 2016, 7:46 am by webmaster

Brazilian waxing is famous for a lot of good reasons. The hair removal process gives women a feeling of cleanliness, liberation, sexiness. It allows lingeries and bikinis to be worn with no noticeable hair and last but not least, it is attractable to men. They find it sexy!

What exactly is Brazilian waxing style?

Brazilian waxing for bikini has been a vital fashion trend since the late 90’s. Numerous famous people and celebs are getting it done while more women are now following this trend than ever. Brazilian waxing was introduced in 1987 in New York by a group of Brazilian sisters.

Bikini wax and Brazilian wax

What actually you can expect from bikini and Brazilian waxing? Well, this is that one questions that is mostly answerable in our salon Rubaa’s, best body wax destination in Calgary. Bikini waxing means removing the hair that is visible only around the bikini area and the Brazilian waxing takes hair from your private parts, front, back and everything in between. For many people, a ‘landing strip’ remains the same at the front, but most go for everything removed from the area.

body wax CalgaryHow Brazilian waxing is done?

Brazilian waxing session takes around 20 – 30 minutes. You will have to take off your clothes and lie on a bench or table with clean sheets or paper. As you might need only a quarter-inch approximately before wax can be applied, the therapist will be reducing your hair with a trimmer to this length to get ready for waxing.

At Rubaa’s, we have experienced waxers who are fast and completes the process without making you feel uncomfortable. The wax is inserted into a pot of steaming hot water and applied to the strip. When the wax has reduced its temperature, the strip will be taken off, removing the hair from its roots.

Finally, if there is any remaining hair, it will be removed with tweezers. Waxing begins at the front and taken towards the back. You might be asked to move into various positions as your expert removes the hair. Once the waxing is completed, soothing lotion will be applied in areas where body waxing has been done. You might still have some sore feeling or bumps or have ingrown hairs – the expert will advise on lotion treatment if this is the case.

Does Brazilian waxing hurt?

In the first session, it can be painful, but visiting regularly will lessen the pain you come across. In general, people visit for Brazilian wax in Calgary to our salon don’t feel pain as bad as they expect. We follow the best process so that the experience can be as smooth as possible.

How often waxing is needed?

Brazilian waxing can last up to three weeks, just like having your manicure done, this treatment is also necessary about every 3 weeks.

Can I perform this myself?

Brazilian waxing cannot be done at home unless you have an expert with you. Nervous? Then consider this tip. You can try Bikini body wax in Calgary first at our salon.

The verdict

Brazilian waxing provides a long lasting sensual, clean and allows a clear and smooth look in the area while wearing lingerie or a swimwear. You will adore it and so your friends!

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