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9 Summer Hair Care Tips From The Makeup Artists Calgary

Posted On August 23, 2016, 12:38 pm by webmaster

Summer is not only for vacations but also to enjoy some ice creams and outdoor sports after spending several months inside your house. In short, this is the best season of the year and it’s because of the pleasant weather. At the same time, the blaze of summer sun is too harmful for your skin and hair. You may have healthy and bouncy hair throughout the year, but summer sun turns it into lifeless due to highly humid atmosphere. Oily scalp, sweat and dust of summer increase hair problems like dandruff, split ends and hair fall.

Summer tips for hair
So, let’s take a look at the summer hair rules to restore your bouncy hair back!

1. Wrap Up Your Hair!

It’s important to cover your hair with a scarf or a hat while you are planning to go out in the sun. This scarf is not just to save yourself from extra UV protection, but also to retain your scalp moisturized. On the other hand, if you have color-treated hair, a hat protects your hair from the damages.

2. Choose The Comfortable Styles:

It’s better to have a comfortable hairstyle than tight ones, which may increase your hair fall in Summer. So, a messy braid will be too ideal for you to keep your hair controlled and minimally exposed to the sunlight. If you are already done with the amazing permanent hair straightening in Calgary, you need to be a bit extra careful. In such case, you must pick a loose hairstyle to keep the straightening unaffected.

3. Wash And Rinse, But Not So Often:

Hair Rebonding in Calgary is high on demand among the young girls as well as grownups. Washing your hair often breaks the natural oil elements of your scalp, and it gives way to wash it once more. With chemical free methods, you can keep your hair healthy. So, use a natural dry shampoo instead of a regular shampoo for washing your hair.

4. Use Less Heat In Summer:

If possible, try to discard the part of blow drying from your hair styling or do it slightly. When you wash your hair before going out, it’s already exposed to extreme heat and will get air dried quickly. Strictly avoid the flat ironing since it causes further damage to your dry hair.

5: Apply Sunscreen to your hair:

You may not believe but there are some shampoos in the market which contain UV protection. You can choose such hair products based on the trustworthy recommendations by the makeup artists in Calgary. They are wise enough and will suggest you something, which is the best product as per your skin type.

6. Don’t Forget Conditioning:

Mix apple cider vinegar in water and use it as a quick natural conditioner. Some touches of coconut oil can make your locks smooth and moisturized. It will give shine and control to your natural curls. Try weekly conditioning treatment to keep your hair moisturized.

7. Trust Wide-tooth Combs:

It’s always better to choose a wide-tooth comb than a hair brush as it decreases the chances of hair fall. Wide-tooth combs untangles your hair easily without tearing it. Your wet hair strips are prone to breakage. So, don’t try to pull anything through wet hair.

8. Try A hot Oil Rinsing Treatment:

A hot oil rinsing treatment leaves your hair moisturized, nourished and smoother.  A hair massage with coconut oil, olive oil or avocado oil can work as wonder to remove the tangles from your hair. Your hair will be perfectly moisturized.

9: Swimming Hair Guide:

You love to swim in Summer, don’t you? Then it’s necessary to protect your hair from the effect of chlorine in water. Shampoo your hair when you are out of the pool to remove the harmful effects of chlorine.

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  1. Lily Wilson says:

    Loved these tips! Every summer, my hair goes either extra oily or full or dandruff. But these tips are too helpful to keep my hair healthy and voluminous! Not only that, you can try these tips at home without investing much!

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