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6 Qualities Men Find Quite Attractive in Women

Posted On November 12, 2016, 6:38 am by webmaster

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart” – Helen Keller

And yes, this is so true!
You may put a lot of effort to look stunning today, tomorrow and every day, but remember, someone out there is trying to look beyond that. In fact, all men of the 21st century are. Looks may deceive and fade away with time but qualities like confidence, intelligence, humility, care and affection remain forever. And men love those qualities in women. They secretly look for them in their potential life partners. So, the next time you are going on a date with your special one, make sure you have the following things in mind.

Confident woman

6 essential qualities all men want in their women:

Confidence is the key –
If you are not sure of yourself, forget anyone else will be. And most certainly, it won’t be your man. All men love to date a confident woman. Someone who is completely content with what they are. A lady who exudes confidence in everything, right from her way of dressing to her manner of speaking, is a great choice for all men. They will love to be with her, stand by her and enhance their lives with her support. If you are not confident about that dress you are wearing or that new shade of lipstick you have put on, chances are, your man will feel unsure of his choice to be with you forever.

Intelligence sparks confidence –
Intelligence is among the most important qualities in women that men find absolutely irresistible. A dull personality is as bad as stale bread. No matter how beautiful a girl looks, she won’t be able to enhance that “wow” factor if she is not able to spark a good conversation or is not responsive to her surroundings. And the men around her will feel bored with her after some time, including the one she has a crush on. So, beware girls, “beauty with brains” is the new flavor of the season.

Silliness and Charm –
Yes, even men want their woman to laugh and be a little less serious in their lives. In fact, they love it when the girl is able to tickle their funny bones with crazy jokes. And when those cute, funny girls play with their hair or stain their handkerchiefs with sauce or even topple and fall while laughing heartily over a joke, the guys go gaga over their silliness instead of being repulsed by them. Oh yes! The most dreadful thing that almost all girls are afraid of, the smudging of their Kohl, can seem extremely appealing to their men. Playfulness is one of the best qualities in women that men find attractive.

Friendliness and warmth –
It is one of the indispensable qualities in women to become an ideal partner. She has to be quite friendly with those around her. Sharing a good laugh, indulging in healthy conversations and waving goodbye with a cheerful smile on her face, make her more desirable to men. Men love smiling, happy women and not one who is always sulking and showing off. Fake attitude can be dangerous to your impression and can also harm your relationships. And, men simply hate it.

Affection and Care –
Guys are invariably drawn towards it. A woman who is affectionate will have a lot of male friends as men simply crave for affection and care. But, do not go overboard with this emotion or else you may appear nagging and intimidating. Show how caring you are with simple, sweet words, warm smiles and cute gestures. That will do the job all right.

Independence and Ambition –
An independent woman, who knows where she stands and feels quite proud of it, has a different kind of appeal that all men are attracted to. It is not always necessary for her to earn a lump sum of money but she should be ambitious about her future. The girl who dreams is the girl who wishes to create a difference. She is unique and special. She does not depend on a man to fulfill her dreams. And that’s exactly what a man likes in his woman.

So girls, no matter how much you try to look perfect in those new heels or that trendy hat, you won’t be able to attract your man if you do not possess the aforementioned qualities. Always remember, it is more important to “feel” beautiful than to “be”. And that will win more hearts.


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